WIC Valve Normally Open Fast Closing Electric Solenoid Process Valve
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1/4" Inch Normally Open Industrial Brass Fast Response Electric Air Water Zero Differential Solenoid Process Valve NBR Seal


WIC Valve 2BOK Series 2-way normally open (NO) solenoid process valve is to control On/Off of air, inert gas, liquid, and water. This industrial solenoid valve has one 1/4" inch NPT inlet and one 1/4" inch NPT outlet port. Valve stays open when the coil is de-energized, and it closes when energized. Valve has two holes in the bottom and can be mounted in any position.  2BOK Series solenoid valve comes with a ED 100% encapsulated coil which suitable to operate in continuous service and constantly energized.  This compact fast response electric process valve features with 2 of the M5 size convenient mounting holes, valve can be mounted in any position.


2BOK Series Normally Open Direct Acting Electric Solenoid Process Valve Specification:

Model Number: 2BOK-1/4-D

Valve Type: 2 Way Normally Open (Valve closes with energized)

Service Media: Air, Gas, Liquid, Vacuum, Water

Operation Model: Direct Acting

Flow Model: Uni-Directional

Flow Rate: 0.2Cv (Fluid Flow)

Response Time: Less than 20 ms

Body Material: Brass

Seal Material: NBR (Buna N)

Armature Tube Material: Stainless Steel

Plunger & Spring Material: Stainless Steel

Coil Certification: CE Certification

Coil Power:  DC - 20W ; AC -50Hz 28VA / 60Hz 25VA

Coil Class: H Class IP 65

Coil Duty: 100% ED (Continuous Duty)

Operating Pressure: 0 to 85 PSI

Operating Temperature: -10 to 80 °C

Port Size: 1/4" NPT Female Port

Coil Voltage Option: 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC, 220V AC

Low Power Consumption Coil: Upgrade Optional 12V DC - 8W, 24V DC - 6W, 24V AC - 9VA, 110V AC - 9VA, 220V AC - 8VA

Voltage Tolerances: DC: +10% –5% ; AC: +10% -15%

Electrical Connection: DIN 43650A Coil Connector with LED Indicator



2BOK Series Normally Open Brass Electric Solenoid Valve Dimensions (Unit=mm):

Model # Port Size (NPT) Flow Rate (Cv) Orifice Size (mm) Weight (lbs)
2BOK-1/8-D 1/8" 0.12 2 1
2BOK-1/4-D 1/4" 0.2 2.5 1



DIN 43650A Connector Components: 


DIN 43650A PG11 Connector Dimensions (Unit=mm): 



What is ED 100% Coil Duty?

ED 100% indicates suitability of the coil to operate in “continuous service”, in other words it is good for constantly energized.


What is IP65?

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are developed by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization (CENELEC) (NEMA IEC 60529 Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures - IP Code), specifying the environmental protection the enclosure provides.

The IP rating normally has two (or three) numbers:

1) Protection from solid objects or materials

2) Protection from liquids (water)

3) Protection against mechanical impacts (commonly omitted, the third number is not a part of IEC 60529)

IP First number - Protection against solid objects

0 No special protection
1 Protected against solid objects over 50 mm, e.g. accidental touch by persons hands.
2 Protected against solid objects over 12 mm, e.g. persons fingers.
3 Protected against solid objects over 2.5 mm (tools and wires).
4 Protected against solid objects over 1 mm (tools, wires, and small wires).
5 Protected against dust limited ingress (no harmful deposit).
6 Totally protected against dust.


IP Second number - Protection against liquids

0 No protection.
1 Protection against vertically falling drops of water e.g. condensation.
2 Protection against direct sprays of water up to 15o from the vertical.
3 Protected against direct sprays of water up to 60o from the vertical.
4 Protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
5 Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress.
6 Protected against temporary flooding of water, e.g. for use on ship decks - limited ingress permitted.
7 Protected against the effect of immersion between 15 cm and 1 m.
8 Protects against long periods of immersion under pressure.



  • Item #: 2BOK-1/4-D
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

1/4" Inch Normally Open Fast Response Electric Solenoid Valve

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