Pneumatic Manifold Union Air Push In Fitting
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Manifold Union Connector Tube OD 3/8" To 1/4" Quick Release Fitting


WIC Valve PMU Series pneumatic manifold union one touch push in to connect fitting equipped with a convenient one touch release button that provides a easy and quick tubing connections with no special tools required.  Our unique stainless collect design offers a secure connections that hold the tube firmly without restricting flow.  


WIC Valve PMU Series Manifold Union Fitting Specifications
Operating Pressure 0 - 150 PSI 0 - 990 kpa
Vacuum 0 - 29.5 in Hg 750 mm Hg
Operating Temperature 0 - 60 °C 32 to 140°F
Application Air
Recommended Tubing Material Polyurethane, Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene.


Material of Construction 
Plastic Body PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate)
Metal Body Nickel Plated Brass
Release Button POM (Poly oxy methylene copolymer)
Grip Ring Stainless Steel
Thread Sealant Teflon
O-ring NBR (Buna-N)


Schematic of Composite Push In Fitting Construction:




WIC Valve PMU Series Manifold Union Fitting:

Manifold Union Push In Fitting
Part No. Tube OD Tube OD Price
PMU-T5/32-T1/8 5/32" 1/8" $3.98
PMU-T1/4-T5/32 1/4" 5/32" $3.98
PMU-T5/16-T5/32 5/16" 5/32" $4.05
PMU-T5/16-T1/4 5/16" 1/4" $4.13
PMU-T3/8-T1/4 3/8" 1/4" $5.77


Fitting Installation and Removal Guide:

To install the tubing into fitting

1) Cut the tubing square ensure the outside diameter is free of score marks and no burrs.

2) Simply push tubing past the O-ring to the internal tube dead stop by hand.

3) Pull the tubing back gently to ensure it is secure for leakproof connections.

To remove the tubing from fitting

1) Press evenly on both sides of the release button against fitting body, keep the release button (collet) depressed and held in this position

2) Pull the tubing to slide out.



  • Item #: PMU-T3/8-T1/4
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

Manifold Union Tube OD 3/8 To 1/4 Pneumatic Air Push In Fitting

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