WIC Valve M3V Series Pneumatic 3 Way Solenoid Valve Base Mounted Manifold Block
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WIC Valve M3V-200 Series Pneumatic 3 Way Electric Air Solenoid Valve Base Mounted Anodized Aluminum Manifold Block 4 Stations


WIC Valve M3V-200 series pneumatic manifold blocks are ideal solution for consolidating multiple 3 way air solenoid valves into a single compact space saving manifold to optimize machine performance.  Multiple air solenoid valves can be installed directly onto the manifold that reduce the number of connections, shorten the flow path that minimize the chance of leakage and improve the performance.  WIC Valve pneumatic manifolds provide a organized junction point to distribute air or gas directly from a single source. 


Build with strong aluminum material, M3V series manifold is durable, reliable and user friendly.  By organizing multiple solenoid valves into a single manifold, it allows a easy valve replacement and reduce down time for  valve upgrading.  Every manifold is function tested to conform the ISO 9001 certified standard.  WIC Valve offers a manifold with a wide range of stations for different industrial applications.  A compete set of mounting hardware is included makes the installation in one easy step.


M3V-200 Series Pneumatic Air Manifold Block Specification:

Model Number: M3V-200-4

Number of Stations: 4

Service Media: Air, Gas 

NPT Port: 1/4" NPT Female Port

For Use With: 3V210 Series 1/4" Air Solenoid Valve

Includes: Mounting Hardware (Gasket, Mounting Screws)


  • Item #: M3V-200-4
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

M3V-200 Series 3 Way Solenoid Valve 4 Stations Manifold Block

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