24V AC Low Power Consumption Solenoid Valve Coil
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2L Series 24V AC Low Power Consumption Electric Solenoid Valve Coil with DIN 43650A Connector and LED Indicator


2L Series Electric Solenoid Valve Coil Specification:

Model Number: 2L-24VAC-D-L

Coil Power: 7 VA 

Inrush Current: 121 VA


Coil Class: H Class IP 65 

Coil Duty: 100% ED (Continuous Duty)

Coil Voltage: 24V AC

Electrical Connection: DIN Connector with LED Indicator




 DIN 43650A Connector Dimensions:


What is the advantages to use DIN Connector?

Instead of using the Grommet lead wires, the coil has the prongs or pins to connect a standard DIN connector. Therefore, the coil will have a male connection and the plug connecting to the coil is a female connector.  The advantages of the DIN Connector is that it allows a quick valve or coil exchange. Yet it is a excellent insulation properties and good for water tightness.


What is IP65?

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are developed by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization (CENELEC) (NEMA IEC 60529 Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures - IP Code), specifying the environmental protection the enclosure provides.

The IP rating normally has two (or three) numbers:

1) Protection from solid objects or materials

2) Protection from liquids (water)

3) Protection against mechanical impacts (commonly omitted, the third number is not a part of IEC 60529)

IP First number - Protection against solid objects

0 No special protection
1 Protected against solid objects over 50 mm, e.g. accidental touch by persons hands.
2 Protected against solid objects over 12 mm, e.g. persons fingers.
3 Protected against solid objects over 2.5 mm (tools and wires).
4 Protected against solid objects over 1 mm (tools, wires, and small wires).
5 Protected against dust limited ingress (no harmful deposit).
6 Totally protected against dust.


IP Second number - Protection against liquids

0 No protection.
1 Protection against vertically falling drops of water e.g. condensation.
2 Protection against direct sprays of water up to 15o from the vertical.
3 Protected against direct sprays of water up to 60o from the vertical.
4 Protection against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
5 Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress.
6 Protected against temporary flooding of water, e.g. for use on ship decks - limited ingress permitted.
7 Protected against the effect of immersion between 15 cm and 1 m.
8 Protects against long periods of immersion under pressure.



  • Item #: 2L-24VAC-D-L
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

2L Series 24V AC Low Power Consumption Solenoid Valve Coil DIN

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