1.25 Inch Pneumatic Air Actuated Ball Valve
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1.25" Inch Pneumatic Air Actuated Stainless Steel Ball Valve Double Acting (Air Return).


WIC Valve PVD series 1-1/4" NPT pneumatic air actuated valve equipped with a stainless steel 3-piece ball valve, it allows a easy installation.  PVD series double acting air actuated valve use pressurized air to open and close the ball valve. The characteristic of the air actuated ball valve is that it has high flow rate, the full port straight through ball valve allows the service media such as air, gas, liquid, steam and water flow through directly without reducing the flow speed.  The 316 stainless steel ball valve comes with Teflon seal which can be used at a high operating temperature and pressure applications.  Ideal for the hazardous environments.


PVD Series Air Actuator Specification:

Model Number: PVD-1 1/4-T

Valve Type: 2 Way 

Service Media: Air, Gas, Liquid, Water, Steam

Operation Model:Air Actuated Double Acting (Use Air Pressure to Open and Air Pressure to Close)

Actuator Operating pressure: 100 PSI Standard

Actuator Operating Pressure Range: 45 - 120 PSI

Body Material: 316 Stainless Steel / CF8M

Seal Material: Teflon (PTFE)

Operating Pressure: 0 to 1000 PSI at 100 °F

Operating Temperature: -51 to 230°C (-60 to 450°F)

Port Size: 1-1/4" NPT Female Port 

Installation Hardware: 2 Pieces Tube OD 1/4" X Thread 1/8" Male Straight Connector Fittings Included 



Pneumatic Air Actuator Specifications:

Pneumatic Actuator Specifications
Actuator Standard ISO 5211, NAMUR, DIN 3337
Operating Pressure Range Min: 45 PSI - Max:120 PSI
Operating Media Pressurized Filter Air 
Operating Temperature –20 to 80°C


3 Pieces Stainless Ball Valve Specification:

Ball Valve Material: S316 Stainless Steel 

Operating Pressure: 1000 PSI @ 100°F WOG

Operating Temperature: -60 to 450°F

Port Style: Full Port

Port Connection: FNPT (Option: Tri-Clamp, Flange)

Mounting Standard: ISO 5211, DIN 3203-M3



Ball Valve Parts and Materials
Part Name  Material  Quantity
Ball   SS 316 1
Body Connector SS 316 / CF8M 1
Body Connector Bolt SS 304 4
Body Connector Nut  SS 304 4
Body Connector Washer  SS 304 4
CAP  SS 316 1
Gland Nut SS 304 1
Joint Gasket  PTFE 1
Seat PTFE 2
Stem  SS 316 1
Stem Nut  SS 304 1
Stem Packing  PTFE 1
Stem Washer SS 304 1
Thrust Washer  PTFE  1



Double Acting Air Actuator Structure:

1. Indicator: Position indicator with NAMUR mounting standard.

2. Pinion: High precision piston is made by nickelled alloy steel.  Fully conform with ISO5211, DIN3337 and Namur.

3. Actuator Body: Extruded aluminum alloy ASTM6005 body.

4. O-Rings: High quality NBR (Buna-N)

5. Pistons: Die-casting aluminum twin rack pistons are treated with hard anodized.  Symmetric mounting position that ensure a fast operation and long cycle life.

6. Travel Adjustment bolts: Two independent external travel adjustment bolts allow ±5° adjustment for both open and close directions.

7. End Caps: Die-casting aluminum powder polyester.

8. Bearing & Guides: Made by low friction compound material to minimize the direct contact between metals.



PVD Series Double Acting Air Actuator Operating Principle:


Pressurized air is introduced to Port A that forces the pistons outward.  It causes the pinion to turn counterclockwise while the air is being exhausted from Port B (See Drawing 1)


Pressurized air is introduced to Port B that forces the pistons inward.  It causes the pinion to turn clockwise while the air is being exhausted from Port A (See Drawing 2)


PVD Series Double Acting Air Actuator Dimensions (Unit=mm)


  • Item #: PVD-1 1/4-T
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

1.25" Inch Pneumatic Air Operated Ball Valve Double Acting

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