Fast Response Electric Solenoid Process Valve
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1/8" Inch Direct Acting Zero Differential Fast Response Electric Air Solenoid Process Valve Normally Closed 


WIC Valve 2ACK series 2-way normally closed electric solenoid valve is to control On/Off of air and inert gas. This direct acting solenoid valve has one 1/8" inch NPT inlet and one 1/8" inch NPT outlet port. Valve stays close when the coil is de-energized, and it opens when energized.  Valve has two holes in the bottom and can be mounted in any position.  2ACK series electric solenoid valve comes with a ED 100% coil which suitable to operate in continuous service and constantly energised. This solenoid valve is a Zero differential solenoid valve which can be operated at 0 PSI (Vacuum), no minimum pressure is required.  


2ACK Series Fast Closing Electric Air Solenoid Process Valve Specification:

Valve Type: 2 Way Normally Closed (Valve opens with energized)

Service Media: Air, Gas, Liquid, Water, Vacuum

Operation Model: Direct Acting

Flow Model: Uni-Directional

Flow Rate: 0.23 Cv (Fluid Flow), 22 SCFM (Air Flow) at 100 PSI

Response Time: Less than 20 ms

Body Material: Anodized Aluminum

Seal Material: NBR (Buna N)

Armature Tube Material: Brass

Plunger & Spring Material: Stainless Steel

Coil Certification: CE Certification

Coil Power: 6.5W DC Coil / 6.5VA AC Coil

Coil Class: F Class IP 65 (CE Certification)

Coil Duty: 100% ED (Continuous Duty)

Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 115 PSI

Operating Temperature: -5 to 80 °C

Port Size: 1/8" Inch NPT Female Port

Coil Voltage Option: 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC, 220V AC

Voltage Tolerances: DC: +10% –5% ; AC: +10% -15%

Electrical Connection: Grommet Coil with 12" Lead Wire



2ACK Series Direct Acting Electric Solenoid Valve Components: 


2ACK Series Electric Solenoid Procecss Valve Dimensions (Unit=mm): 

Model  Port (NPT) Flow Rate (Cv) Orifice Size (mm) Length  Width Height 
2ACK-1/8 1/8" 0.23 Cv 2 30 22 65
2ACK-1/4 1/4" 0.23 Cv 2 30 22 65



Valve Frequently Asked Questions:


How to connect Grommet coil lead wire?

The connections for the grommet coil lead wire is simple and easy:

To connect the DC Coil, connect one of the two wires to Positive and the other wire to Negative.

To connect the AC Coil, connect one of the two wires to Hot wire and the other wire to Neutral wire.


  • Item #: 2ACK-1/8-G
  • Manufacturer: WIC Valve
  • Condition: New

1/8" Direct Acting Zero Differential Electric Solenoid Valve

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